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Police and Crime Panel

The Police and Crime Panel supports and challenges the police and crime commissioner (PCC). The panel has the power to request reports and call the PCC to attend its meetings.

Panels will not replace police authorities and will not have a role in scrutinising the performance of the police force (that is the role of the PCC).

The panel will:

  • review the police and crime plan and annual report;
  • scrutinize (and potentially veto) the PCC's proposed council tax precept* for policing;
  • hold confirmation hearings for the PCC's proposed appointment of a chief constable and senior support staff (the panel may veto the chief constable appointment);
  • scrutinise the actions and decisions of the commissioner (but not the performance of the police force);
  • consider complaints against the PCC of a non-criminal nature.

*the money collected from council tax for policing

Meetings are held in the Plymouth City Council Chamber in Plymouth and are webcast live.

For more information please visit the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel website >


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