Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17 and 2017/18

Police and Crime Plan Consultation

Here are our ideas... tell us yours

Getting the best out of the police

The police must be...

  • Overseen

    by effective governance and accountability mechanisms

  • Efficient and effective

    making the best use of resources to deliver high quality services

  • Innovative

    with a focus on continual improvement

  • Resourced

    to meet the challenges we face in Devon and Cornwall

  • Well connected

    to the communities they serve and trusted by them

  • A quality service

    with strong ethical leadership and clarity of mission

Actions in the following areas will be prioritised through the Plan:

Slide 1

Strategic alliance with Dorset - we will complete our change programme and move to 'business as usual' delivering a minimum of £12m savings across the three counties

Slide 2

A new future technology programme - bringing innovation, expertise and funding together so we can strongly invest in modern technology and deliver cutting edge systems

Slide 3

Collaborate with local partners – expanding our work with fire, other blue light services and local councils – to integrate services and make best use of our respective skills and resources. This includes innovative ambitions on offender pathways and support services – investing upstream and downstream to reduce future burdens on policing

Slide 4

Seek additional funding for Devon and Cornwall Police – working with Government to ensure we get a funding deal that reflects rurality and tourism as well as other work to generate more funds – for example by developing surplus real estate for market

Slide 5

Changing policing services to provide a greater focus on victims and timeliness – we must think about the person not the process and aim to 'do today's policing today'

Slide 6

Explore what role the PCC should take in complaints relating to policing services – in view of expected legislative changes through the Policing and Crime Bill which will enable PCCs to take a more active role

Slide 7

Publish a formal scrutiny programme for each financial year and improve how we provide performance information to the public on policing services

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