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Joint strategic boards

The priorities set out in the Police and Crime Plan 2014-2017 will be driven by the establishment of a series of joint strategic delivery boards. The police and crime commissioner (PCC) and chief constable (CC) have agreed that a series of boards would be created to oversee progress against the ‘shared endeavours’ characterised in the Plan.

Six Boards have been established:

  • Reducing the harm caused by alcohol-related crime;
  • Every penny counts - efficiency and long term financial security;
  • An improved criminal justice system;
  • High quality, accessible help for victims of crime;
  • Greater public involvement in policing;
  • People and leadership.

No Board has been established for Priority 1 which will be managed through the performance and accountability board and through the OPCC's 'enablers plan'.

These boards will be responsible for progressing the actions within the Police and Crime Plan, managing risks and issues that impact on the priority, working with partners to seek alignment with existing work and reporting on achievements.

Board membership comprises staff from the OPCC, representatives from the Force and a person independent of the OPCC and Force. Chairs have been given discretion to determine the most appropriate meeting cycle for their area and to agree the operating arrangements for that Board.

 The membership of each of the strategic delivery boards is attached here.

Joint strategic boards terms of reference:

Police and Crime Plan update reports

Joint strategic boards action plans


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