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Local residents back Tony Hogg's Fair Funding campaign

Commissioner launches petition to send a clear message to the Home Secretary

Local people have been registering their support for a Fair Funding petition for Devon and Cornwall Police. Commissioner Tony Hogg wants to send a clear message to the Home Secretary Theresa May, and has asked local residents to play their part in the campaign.

Among the public comments received so far:


"The numbers of tourists these counties have and the narrow roads etc make this a special case !!!!!"

Lis Wagstaff


"The Police are well underfunded, we need our streets kept safe and have noticed a decline in Policing which is not on"

Cynthia Palfrey


"Thank you, Tony, for supporting the police in seeking fair funding for Devon & Cornwall. As the Co-ordinator of Truro Street Pastors I represent a group of people who are actively seeking to foster peace and goodwill in the Night Time Economy of Cornwall's largest semi-urban area. We depend on the police for our safety in performing work that - 5 years ago - would have fallen to police officers. To reduce police numbers based on perceived reduction in crime entirely misses the fact that good policing cannot be not be merely reactive. Devon & Cornwall requires fair funding to maintain the quality of life for the whole community, this means fair funding for holistic policing."

Jonathan Creber


"We are such a large area with so many visitors it should be obvious to government that greater funding is required."

Stefan Collick


"I fully support a review by Government of the PAF that currently means that rural forces such as Devon & Cornwall receive significantly less funding than they need."

Chris Boarland


"We might not be in London or the big cities but we still have the same problems, drugs, violence and all sorts of problems."

Angela Daniels


"Action by Government is long overdue to give Devon and Cornwall a fairer crack of the whip."

Captain E T Denholm. OBE DL RN


"Lets have a fair share of the pot"

Roger Bird


"We need a more visible police force on our streets. In mid Cornwall I understand that overnight there only 3 or 4 policemen on duty, which is fine if they have absolutely no problems but I suspect this very rarely happens."

R. Tolliday


"Fairness is all we want and Government should be sophisticated enough these days to apply more complex BUT FAIRER funding formulas!"

Ian Walls


"We have the best police force in the world. Please respect them and reward them. Not skin the service down to the bone."

Susan Hawkey


"There are already fewer police in my town, and this is highly noticeable. With more drunks and anti social behaviour. Why should our police get less than urban forces?"

Russ Speller


"We are so isolated surronded by the sea and no support from neighbouring forces"

Dawn Bailey


"We need more money - working in the Police for the last 20 years I have not seen it ever like this. no money - no staff - thus the public do not get the service they require."

Mark Owen


"The geographical area of D&C spreads police resource thin. Particularly in busy rural areas like SE Cornwall. The funding of the police is critical to ensure a level of service in maintained for all and not just in the recognised busy city areas. This is made increasingly difficult when the population increases during the summer season. The funding review needs to make these considerations when deciding how D&C is funded."

Marcus Hodges


"Devon and Cornwall police cannot afford to take any more funding cuts and offer the same service to the public, we have already seen the effects of the government cuts on front line services and we need fairer funding as the current system is unfair."

Cath Edwards





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