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Tony Hogg welcomes Chancellor's announcement

Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg has warmly welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement not to make any further budget cuts to policing.

“Two weeks ago we were celebrating changing the Government position through our work in Devon and Cornwall on the funding formula.”
“Today we see the product of a longer campaign to persuade Government not to proceed with disastrous cuts to police budgets.”
“The change in the Government’s position makes it possible for us to plan on building a policing service for 2020.  This is a service that will better meet the new and increasing crime areas such as terrorism, cyber crime and child sexual exploitation.”
“We will continue to look at efficiency savings across all of our work because the more efficient we become the more resources we can devote to front line policing.”
“It is too early to say what specific impact this will have in Devon and Cornwall.  We will be looking at the detail over the coming days and weeks and building our plans.“



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