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Commissioner supports Government response to knife crime

“I am really pleased to see a significant investment in a national County Lines co-ordination centre as this particular issue is the fundamental cause of knife crime in our communities.

“County Lines is a drug dealing operation set up by criminal gangs to move their drug dealing from big cities like London, Manchester or Liverpool to smaller towns or rural areas.

“There are victims of violence in Devon and Cornwall, and we endeavour to help them recover through our Victim care Unit, but thankfully we do not suffer the volume or types of knife crime that are experienced in more urban areas. This is a very safe place to live work and play.

“However, there is still more to do and we continue to work with partners in the criminal justice system and local authorities to divert those at risk of becoming offenders away from a life of crime and to rehabilitate those who have offended back into society.

“We will seek to work with Government to access funding from the early intervention youth fund which has also been announced by the Home Secretary today.”



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