Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17


The OPCC has recently provided funding and expertise to help volunteers set up CCTV pilots in Bude and Launceston.

This came in response to requests from the community CCTV projects in the towns to help them modernise and improve their systems.

The aim of the pilot is to see if this cash injection from my office can help set-up sustainable community based CCTV systems, capable in the long term of funding their own capital and running costs, which can play an active role in community service and policing.

The OPCC has funded the provision and installation of some new cameras and ensured appropriate training of volunteers. In both towns the local council has agreed to cover the operating and maintenance costs.

The second part of the pilot is to ask local businesses to get involved to improve the scheme's coverage and secure its future.

This money will be used to help fund additional cameras, the development of more volunteers and to help create a cash reserve to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

The pilot is suppoorted by Devon and Cornwall Business Council.

The OPCC has received many expressions of interest about CCTV funding.

A decision on whether further projects will be supported will be made following the completion of the Bude/Launceston pilot in August 2016. This will be reviewed on a monthly basis and, if the pilot is clearly seen to be working, the decision may be brought forward.

However, any decision to support other CCTV projects (whether that be financially, advisory or for training) would necessarily take into account the broader funding demands on the OPCC budget.

To be considered for support projects would be expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Funding would only be provided for projects which would be sustainable in the longer term without continuing financial support from the PCC;
  • The local council, or the CCTV project group, would take ownership of the CCTV system hardware and the future maintenance of the system;
  • The local council would be required to make a commitment to provide support and maintenance of the camera systems for a minimum of five years;
  • The LPA Inspector would be required to provide assurance that the installation of new cameras was justified by the contribution they would make to police work in intervention, prevention and detection.

Any organisation wishing to submit an application should email the OPCCor write to: The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Alderson Drive, Exeter, EX2 7RP.




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