Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17

Police dog welfare volunteers

The police dog welfare scheme is governed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to provide the opportunity for independent observation on how police dogs are housed, trained and transported.

The scheme aims to secure greater transparency, public understanding and confidence in police dog welfare.  The reports that result from visits are then used to help regulate the treatment and care of dogs throughout the police service.

How are independent dog welfare visitors selected and trained?

Dog welfare scheme visitors are recruited and trained through the independent custody visiting scheme

When are visits made and what happens on a visit?

Independent visitors can make visits from time to time on a discretionary basis.

However circumstances may also arise where the police will wish to initiate a visit when, for example, there might be particular public concern regarding the treatment and welfare of police dogs.

Visitors may inspect the conditions in which dogs are kept and be allowed access to welfare, training and veterinary records as well as being allowed access to speak to trainers, trainees, dog handlers and police staff.


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