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Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20
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Performance updates

The Police and Crime Commissioner has a number of measures and indicators that are used to assess how the police are performing. Understanding police performance can be complicated so it is important for the Commissioner to not only have numbers/statistics but also other types of information to give them (and the public) a true picture of what’s happening.

The Police and Crime Commissioner provides a report on how Devon and Cornwall Police are performing to every Police and Crime Panel meeting and all of those reports are listed below.

National Priorities for Policing

Police and Crime Commissioner's Statement January 2022

Performance 2023

Perfomance Report January 2023

Perfomance Scorecard January 2023

Performance 2022

Violence Profile November 2022

Performance Report November 2022

Perfomance Scorecard November 2022

Performance Report September 2022

Performance Scorecard September 2022

Performance Report June 2022

Road Safety Profile June 2022 

Performance Report January 2022

Performance 2021

Performance Report November 2021

Performance Report July 2021

Performance Infographic July 2021

Performance Report February 2021

Performance Infographic February 2021

Performance 2020

Performance Report November 2020

Performance Infographic November 2020

Performance Report September 2020

Performance Infographic September 2020

Performance Report July 2020

Performance Infographic July 2020

Performance Report February 2020

Performance Infographic February 2020

Performance 2019

Performance Report September 2019

Performance Infographic September 2019

Performance Report June 2019

Performance Infographic June 2019

Performance Report February 2019

Performance Infographic February 2019

Performance 2018

Performance Report October 2018

Performance Infographic October 2018

Performance Report June 2018

Performance Infographic June 2018

Performance Report April 2018

Performance Infographic April 2018

Performance Report February 2018

Performance Spreadsheet February 2018