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Police complaints and conduct performance

This page is under construction.

Police complaints and conduct performance

One of the statutory functions that a Police and Crime Commissioner has is to monitor all complaints against the police force, its officers, and staff, this includes receiving information about complaints and conduct investigations that have not been completed within 12 months of the date of opening, and every 6 months thereafter so that the reasons for delays can be identified and challenged. It also has a duty to hold the chief constable to account for the exercise of the chief constable’s functions under Part 2 of the Police Reform Act 2002 in relation to the handling of complaints and conduct matters.

The following performance monitoring / scrutiny processes are used as a means of achieving this.

  • Formal reporting to the PCC by the police about performance relating to police complaints, police complaint handling and police conduct. The quarterly report focuses on 5 key areas:  
    1. Effectiveness of the handling process and compliance
    2. Complaint and conduct oversight
    3. Learning identified and progressed
    4. Proactive compliance with EDHR legislation
    5. Identification and dissemination of good practice
  • Meetings between the OPCC and the police to oversee the police handling of complaint and conduct investigations approaching or exceeding 12 months, to identify where investigation delays are and why, and to respond and make reasonable and proportionate recommendations where necessary.
  • Dip sampling of completed complaint and conduct cases. This involves a review of a randomly selected batch of complaint and conduct case files held by the police resulting in a report on findings against a pre-determined checklist – typically checking due process has been followed, and timeliness.
  • Monitoring of Independent Office for Police Conduct national comparison data of police complaint and conduct performance. The IOPC collects data directly from Forces’ complaint databases, and reports quarterly and annually. These reports are published on the IOPC website, and below.  Where a report highlights performance that is of concern, the PCC will require the Force to provide a response to this.

Below you can find information about how the OPCC has fulfilled its duty to hold the Chief Constable to account for the handling of complaints, and information about how the Force have performed in relation to their handling of complaints:

This information will be published within 1 month of the release of the IOPC complaint statistics, expected in the Autumn of 2021.

Independent Office for Police Conduct complaint data:-

  • IOPC quarterly complaint data report for <quarter> (placeholder)
  • IOPC annual statistics report for <year> (placeholder)
  • IOPC reports for previous 2 years (placeholder)

The above information will be published when it is made available by the IOPC

Police complaint reviews performance

When a member of the public is dissatisfied with how their complaint has been handled by their local police force, the PCC may be contacted to conduct a police complaint review. The OPCC must determine whether the police’s handling of the complaint and the outcome was reasonable and proportionate. Where mistakes are identified and the review is upheld the PCC will make recommendations to the police to rectify the issue.

Here you can find performance reports detailing the PCCs handling of police complaint reviews:

This information will be published by the Autumn of 2021

The Police and crime Commissioner is committed to ensuring that the complaint review function undertaken by her office has integrity, is impartial and provides quality of service. The Police and Crime Commissioner is also committed to ensure that review decisions are sound and in line with the requirements of the complaints legislation and IOPC statutory guidance.

To ensure impartiality, members of the PCCs own staff have been designated to handle complaint reviews, and have been selected for their knowledge, skills and expertise in managing complex investigations at a senior level and in interpreting and working in compliance with complex legislation.

Here you can find the service standards relating to the handling of police complaint reviews.

Here you can find audits of the PCCs complaint review handling function (where available):

This information will be published as it becomes available.