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Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20
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Scrutinising police performance

There are many different parts of the police, and the work of the police is complex and varied. The PCC has to scrutinise a number of areas so that they can make an informed decision about how the police are performing.

Generally, the PCC focuses on certain areas including:

  • Public confidence in policing
  • Victim satisfaction
  • Repeat victimisation (if someone has reported more than one offence in 12 months)
  • How quickly 999 calls are answered
  • How quickly the police respond to 999 calls
  • How long it takes to respond to 101 calls and emails

The PCC scrutinises how the police are performing in many different ways and these are all contained in our Scrutiny Framework.

For general information about police performance please visit our ‘performance’ section. You can also find information on the Devon and Cornwall Police website

Information about how Devon and Cornwall Police are currently performing based on indicators set by the PCC can be found in our performance updates

Performance and public opinion

Forming a personal view on how the police are performing can be based on many things like:

  • the types of information and news that the police publish
  • the level of crime in an area
  • the number of police officers and volunteers
  • an individual’s personal experience of crime and the police
  • what other people are saying about crime and the police
  • how much someone pays towards the police in their council tax
  • the types of news and way in which the media report crime and the police
  • how police officers, staff and volunteers behave to other people and conduct themselves

Part of a police force performing well includes good levels of satisfaction from the public which is it is important that the views of the public are taking into consideration by the PCC. You can find out the results of the PCC’s public perception surveys on our website.