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Scrutiny meetings and documents

The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible by law for holding the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the residents of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for delivering a police force that works well and meets the needs of its communities. To do this the Police and Crime Commissioner ‘scrutinises’ certain issues and activities.

Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel

The purpose of this scrutiny panel is to independently review youth and adult cases that have been dealt with through the use of Out of Court Disposals. The members of the panel are from a range of organisations including the courts service, the crown prosecution service and youth offending teams.

The scrutiny of Out of Court Disposals is about reviewing cases and working practices, to recognise what the police are doing well and to support the police to learn when necessary.


Use of Police Powers Community Scrutiny Panel

The Use of Police Powers Community Scrutiny panel is a small group of people who are members of the public that form the ‘Use of Police Powers Community Scrutiny Panel’ for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The panel's members are volunteers and they are completely independent from Devon and Cornwall Police.

The role of the community scrutiny panel is to scrutinise how Devon and Cornwall Police use some of its legal powers (including Stop and Search and Use of Force), and to report its findings to the Police and Crime Commissioner. The Police and Crime Commissioner may then use some of that information to inform their work with the Chief Constable.

The panel's role is not to criticise the police. Instead the panel aim to identify what is working well along with any opportunities that it can find to improve something. The value of the panel comes from the fact that its members are not part of the police, so it can help view that organisation and how it works independently and differently.

Panel members are not inspectors of constabularies, auditors, professional standards officers, or the Independent Office for Police Conduct. The panel can explore issues and offer insight and recommendations to the PCC but will not consider individual cases that are, or have been, subject to disciplinary procedures. That is not the panel's role and something which is clear throughout all of the PCC's scrutiny processes.

The panel scrutinises police performance data and also carries out scrutiny reviews into specific topics. View the panel's terms of reference.

Other Police and Crime Commissioner Scrutiny Activities