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Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20
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What the PCC scrutinises

The OPCC has a small staff and the resources the PCC has available to scrutinise the Chief Constable are limited.

Because of this the PCC has to be focused on what they want to scrutinise, why and how. Whilst the PCC’s approach to scrutiny is flexible, the general focus for proactive (i.e. planned) scrutiny is on 6 priority areas that aim to answer specific questions: 

  • How are Devon and Cornwall Police as an organisation performing?
  • How is the Chief Constable ensuring that the Force does well in its inspections?
  • How is the Police and Crime Plan being delivered and what difference is it making?
  • What is the relationship like between Devon and Cornwall Police and the public, and how do the views of the public inform policing?
  • How efficient and effective is Devon and Cornwall Police as an organisation?
  • How effective are Devon and Cornwall Police’s collaborations with others at delivering service improvements and value for money?

You can find out more detail about what topics the PCC scrutinises in the Scrutiny Framework.

You can find more about our scrutiny activity in scrutiny meetings and documents.