Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17 and 2017/18

Frances Hughes


Fran joined the OPCC in October 2017.  Prior to this she was Assistant Director (Communities and Customer Services) at Torbay Council. 

Fran is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and UKPHR Defined Public Health Specialist with extensive experience in change management, business transformation, community safety, regulatory services and emergency planning.

Salary: £101,637

The chief executive's role is to support and advise the PCC in delivering his/her manifesto, as expressed through the Police and Crime Plan, statutory duties and responsibilities, including:
1. Strategy and resource planning
2. Commissioning and service delivery
3. Information (including obtaining the views of the public, research, strategic needs assessments)
4. Scrutiny, evaluation and performance; and
5. Ensuring an efficient and effective Office of the PCC. 

The CEO leads the office of the PCC focusing on delivering the full range of the commissioner’s plans and objectives, managing the team of paid staff and acting as the commissioner’s senior advisor.  The post of chief executive is required by Government statute to ensure that all PCCs act within the law.

The OPCC management team leads on adiverse range of issues but the CEO takes a particular lead on: Strategic alliance collaboration with Dorset; making innovative use of police finances including fundraising and commercialising the police estate.  Finally, the CEO represents the PCC at a range of events and forums across the peninsula.