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Police and Crime Plan Consultation

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Keeping people safe

Our work to keep people safe will be focused on supporting what we believe are the six components of improved public safety within a community.

A safe community has...

  • A Social Conscience

    people looking out for and helping each other

  • Awareness

    police, partners and public know what is important and why

  • Access

    people know who local police and key service providers are and how to contact them

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  • Action

    police and partners working together to protect people and prevent crime and antisocial behaviour – communities must be confident in the quality of response they get

  • Support

    speedy access to local support services when needed (victims and offenders)

  • Results

    visible and relatively swift resolution of issues with tangible results


We must continue to:

Prioritise the full range of safeguarding services, including actions on mental ill health – to ensure we protect the most vulnerable people in our society from harm

Encourage increased reporting of 'hidden crimes' such as domestic abuse, sexual violence, hate crime, modern slavery, child abuse and abuse against the elderly and better support people who come forward to report

Ensure we invest in support services for victims of crime and vulnerable people and innovate to find new ways to support victims – in areas such as domestic abuse, child abuse, mental ill health and substance misuse – building on the innovative work of the Victim Care Unit

Improve the criminal justice system - improving timeliness and quality in the CJS and better supporting victims and witnesses within the court system

Make it easier for people to contact the police service and/or report crime – building confidence, expanding online services and sustaining the good progress seen on 101 performance in April and May 2016

Provide a true wrap-around support service for victims of crime within policing and the wider criminal justice system – thinking about the 'person' first not the 'process'

Modernise and improve our approach to volunteering - to ensure we have the right opportunities, support structures and culture in place to support communities

Shift the focus to prevention of crime and harm – to increase local resilience and divert people from crime

Deliver the required national capacity and capability levels to ensure people in Devon and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are well protected – in areas like firearms, organised crime and counter terrorism (strategic policing requirement) and invest locally in an enhanced firearms capacity

We will launch new work to:

Find better ways to link policing back to the local community some of whom tell us they feel 'abandoned' - this will include:

  • reviewing how we can use the existing police estate more effectively
  • working better with partners to build local opportunities
  • better communication – we need to ensure the public understand what is prioritised and why and to engage them in decisions
  • refocusing some existing OPCC staff time - creating a series of OPCC link officers

Take a radical new approach to managing offenders so we can reduce reoffending - looking to invest in upstream and downstream partner services to deliver enhanced capacity and innovative solutions

Champion and support early intervention as a way of preventing crime – identifying effective means of early intervention and implementing new approaches based on recognised need

Develop a new PCC commissioning plan setting out my approach to commissioning services across the peninsula – as part of this work we will explore how we can increase certainty of funding streams for the third sector and streamline our commissioning model

Create a clear police and fire services collaboration programme in Devon and Cornwall, working with fire to join up our services at the operational level – boosting resilience and reinforcing our local connection

Work to improve public safety on our streets in particular working with partners and the public on issues like antisocial behaviour and the evening and night time economy which matter greatly to the public even if not always a policing matter

Work with businesses, the public and partners to develop a business crime strategy and a cyber crime strategy – which have prevention at their heart and identify the roles that public sector, private sector and individuals can play

Support others to act through a new targeted investment fund and safe communities' toolkit to help communities fill gaps that affect their safety. The new OPCC link officer will play a key role – along with local third sector partners – to help drive forward the work in this area

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