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Tony Hogg began his ‘Fair Funding’ campaign last week to highlight how the force is unfairly treated, compared to others in the UK.  Unique challenges in Devon and Cornwall, such as the impact of millions of summer visitors, are not recognised by the Government, and while it is currently reviewing this formula, Mr Hogg wants to send a timely, and very clear, message from the South West to Home Secretary Theresa May.  
Mr Hogg has now launched an on-line petition and is calling on local people, concerned about the future of their policing, to show their support for the campaign by signing it
“Wherever I go, people talk to me about the importance of the police.” said Mr Hogg
"There are many new challenges facing us, such as cyber crime and child sexual exploitation, and our resources are being stretched to the limit. When you also consider how disadvantaged we are by Government funding, it is time that we stood up and made our voice heard loudly in Whitehall”
“I am delighted that many local MP’s have joined my campaign for Fair Funding, and I also want the public to play a major part in fighting our corner”
“This is something that everyone living in Devon and Cornwall should be concerned about. and I urge people to take the time to go to my website and sign the petition.  I will then deliver it to the Home Secretary in London so that she understands the strength of feeling of the people of Devon and Cornwall."
“If anyone would like to collect more signatures then my office can also provide copies of the petition for you, and anyone you know, to sign. You can contact us directly for more information and help”
Devon and Cornwall residents pay 39% of the local policing bill through the council tax, whereas only 17% of costs are met locally in Merseyside, 22% in Greater Manchester and 27% in London.  This difference adds up to around £12m per year
“This inequality has to stop” said Mr Hogg. “Please join me in this campaign to give Devon and Cornwall Police the resources it needs to keep us all safe."
Please sign the petition here

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You can also contact us directly for help with this campaign and petition:

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Phone: 01392 225555

Police commissioner launches fair funding campaign
Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner has launched a campaign for fair funding in the fight against crime in the South West.
Tony Hogg is challenging the Government to change the way cash is allocated to police forces across the country.
He says Devon and Cornwall is systematically disadvantaged by a scandalous funding formula that favours big city police forces.
“It is time to make the voice of the South West heard. London based civil servants need to understand the anger of the local population that receives less money for its policing and other important public services from Government. In times of austerity it is vital that we receive our fair share,” said Mr Hogg.
Mr Hogg is calling on South West MPs and key decision makers to back his Fair Funding Campaign against a system that he says takes no account of a unique set of demands placed on Devon and Cornwall Police.
The problems Mr Hogg highlights are:
Coping with the largest number of tourists of any force area in the country
The peninsula’s rurality and associated levels of deprivation, particularly in parts of Cornwall, Plymouth and Torbay
High levels of vulnerability resulting from an increasing incidence of mental health issues, an elderly population and low income families
Relatively high levels of violent crime, sexual and public order offences
The longest length of coastline and more than 300 ports and harbours with increased potential for human trafficking, slavery and illegal movement of goods
“Further spending cuts are inevitable over the life of this Parliament and we will continue to be hit harder than other forces if we do not address this now,” said Mr Hogg.
The impact of tourism on South West policing is central to the Fair Funding Campaign.
There are more than 10 million stays and 50 million day visits to Devon and Cornwall every year.
Between April and September more than 1 million people per month visit the two counties, peaking at 1.5 million in July and August.
It is estimated that the population of Devon and Cornwall swells by up to 21 per cent from 1.6 million to just under 2 million over the summer months.
That is an increase in excess of the normal population of Plymouth for six months of the year, leading to significantly increased demands on policing resources.
“No account is made in the formula for these additional numbers and yet funding is provided for daily visitor numbers which is to the benefit of London and other metropolitan centres that have a daily commuter influx,” said Mr Hogg.
“It is nonsense to argue that commuters create a bigger policing demand than tourist visitors, who are active from morning in to the late evening. This is not an argument against tourism just that central formulas should recognise the demands that it makes on local services including policing.”
"If Devon and Cornwall were funded to the average level of all police forces in England and Wales we would receive an additional £12m that would fund hundreds of extra officers."
“This funding squeeze is impacting on the quality and range of service that Devon and Cornwall Police can provide.  Our resources are stretched to the limit and the unfairness of the national allocation of funds is creating significant additional problems,” he said.
Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer said: “I fully support the PCC in this campaign to ensure Devon and Cornwall gets a fairer share of the overall police funding from the Home Office. It is fundamentally wrong that, because of the way the formula is currently written, the taxpayers of Devon and Cornwall are paying twice for policing.”

“Millions of people visit Devon and Cornwall every year, but most do not see the areas of deprivation that sit alongside the stunning coast and beautiful countryside. It is much harder to make a case for a change in the funding arrangements when people don't see crime taking place all around them. But, make no mistake, crime does happen in our rural, coastal and urban areas. I welcome the debate the PCC has started today.”