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Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20
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FOI requests responded to between June 2018 - May 2019

Below are a selection of responses to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act between 1st June 2018 and 31st May 2019.


12th November 2018 - Appointments/recruitment - response

I am asking under the FOIA:

1. Whether the PCC's office pays any external organisations to advertise vacant roles with the PCC's office.

2. For a list of websites/organisations the PCC's office uses to advertise vacant roles within the PCC's office (excel format) and how much each website/organisation received from office in the three most recent financial years




If no money was paid to advertise the roles, please indicate this on the spreadsheet.

3. For an email address and contact information for the HR department or relevant department responsible for publishing and promoting vacancies within the PCC's office.



17th April 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

Please could you provide:

  1. The job title for every post in your office. Please include any joint posts. If you have appointed a Deputy Commissioner, please include that.
  2. The salary, or if that is unavailble, the pay band, for each of the offices in 1.


4th April 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

I'd like to know why and how much it costs to fund the Commissioner and her staff which I feel takes police of the beat and hence the increase. What have they achieved since formation.


28th March 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

I would like a breakdown of how the staffing budget is spent please?

What percentage goes on current salaries, what percentage on severance and what percentage on pensions?


20th March 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

Could you please advise what percentage of expenditure is on adminstration?


17th March 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

I would like to know how much of the increased funding from the council tax precept is going to paying for current and future pension costs.

I would also like to know the total amount spent in both capital and revenue expenditure on pensions for the past three years


14th March 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

Could you please identify the cost for the New South Devon Basic Command Unit and the support for all diversity events.


16th February 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

Please may I have figures for just the annual total budget, spend and number of employees of the OPCC since its inception, by year? I'm only interested in those directly counted as OPCC, not D&C Police.

For example: 2011/12 - Budget £1.58m, employees 2012/13 - Budget £1.62m, employees 21 etc. through to... 2017/18 - Budget £1.80m, employees 24 and forecasts for upcoming future years as per MTFS (i.e. 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22).


7th February 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

Please provide the following information regarding the Devon & Cornwall Police Service:

1) The amount of extra funding (expressed as an absolute number increase in nominal money terms over the current year) that the Devon and Cornwall Police Service will receive from the Government;

2) What is the increased future pension obligations of the Devon and Cornwall Police Service as a result of recent announcements;

3) What is the amount (again, as an absolute number in nominal money terms) that the Government is providing to cover the increased retirement pension future obligations of the Devon and Cornwall Police Service.


16th January 2019 - Expenses/cost - response

I formally request under the Freedom of Information Act, to see the total financial accounts for the running of the Police and Crime Commisoners period 2017/18.


21st November 2018 - Expenses/cost - response

What is the annual running cost for the Police Commissioner and her Office?

How many extra police could be employed if the post was abolished?


20th November 2018 - Expenses/cost - response

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information:

  • Total allocation to the force
  • Total allocation within that budget and costs associated with the Office of the PCC, Office of the Deupty PCC, and any related governance activites


10th October 2018 - Expenses/cost - response

Please tell me:

1 Did your PCC, their deputy or any OPCC staff attend the Conservative, Labour and/or Liberal Democrat party conferences in September and October this year? If not, you may disregard the below questions 

2. If so, how many people attended, for how long and did they take annual leave?

3. How much public money was spent on:

  1. Accommodation – please name the hotel where they stayed
  2. Travel – please state what type of transport and class of travel (ie first class etc)
  3. Entertainment and subsistence – please name any restaurants where meals eaten
  4. Sundry expenses

4. Was there any correspondence between the PCC and anyone within the OPCC regarding any aspect of the trip including the cost? If so please provide copies.


17th July 2018 - Expenses/cost - response

The accounts show a loan to the DCC. Can you provide:

  • The amount loaned
  • The total repaid
  • The interest rate
  • The legal rationale for the loan
  • A copy of the relevant policy that supported the loan
  • Detail of the decision process
  • The name of the person who authorised the loan


12th March 2019 - Misc - response

Please could you supply me with the following information with respect to your force area since 2000:

  1. How many applications for capital or revenue funding have been made by your force since 2000 in respect of relevant planning applications made to the local authorities within your area, by way of Section 106 Town and Country Planning Act 1990?
  2. How many of these applications were successful? And
  3. If unsuccessful what were the reasons given to challenge the funding request made by the force?
  4. What type of equipment or resources were requested for what type of planning application and construction?


23rd January 2019 - Misc - response

Under Freedom of Information, please can I request the information detailed below:

Please can you supply the following:

1) Do you currently have a contract in place with an external provider for the provision of communication support? Communication support is defined as media management, public relations, social media, internal communication, employing engagement and marketing.

2) What date is the contact due to expire/be up for renewal?

3) Who currently holds this contract (if any)?

4) What was the value of the last communication support contract awarded and what was this for?

3) Is there a provision within your office to have ad-hoc communication specialists work with you, for example on a particular project.

5) When, if ever was a communication review carried out by an external body i.e. communication company, consultant etc. A communication review looks at output, structure, expenditure and impact.


5th October 2018 - Misc - response

1. Do you have any guidance or policy for the public or service users to record calls when they speak to your staff. What is your organisations protocol on service users recording calls when they speak to your staff? Please provide a copy of your policy, procedure and guideline notes on this issue.

or call centres Do you Inform Users they can record. If the answer is no what is the reason for this please if so do send me a copy.

Are service users made aware of their right to record the encounter, if they choose to do so? Is this reflected in you policy document on the matter?


2. Does your organisation have an “Unacceptable Behaviour” policy? If so, please can you provide me with a copy?

If such a policy contains points of objectionable behaviour such as telephones calls being recorded by the caller due to them being not necessary or unwanted or needed, and furthermore the staff members may feel threatened or apprehensive, are you aware that denying users the right to record calls goes against the current UK laws.


3. Are your policies and procedures compliant with the public right to audio-visually record encounters with your staff, without their consent? If not, will you provide appropriate training for your staff so they are fully informed of the Public right to record?


4. What is our organisations current charging policy for Freedom of Information requests (FOI) or Subject Access Requests (SAR)? If charges are applied are concessions available for those on low income or students?


5. What is your organisations complaints policy? Please can you forward me a copy. Does your complaints procedure permit service users evidence such as covert call recordings to form part of the investigation. 

Public engagement



25th December 2018 - Commissioning - response

Can I have a list of ALL the funding that has been given/awarded/applied for to any groups, be they community, charities since you were elected please to the present date.

Could you also send me the criteria for applying for said money as well please.


4th July 2018 - Commissioning - response

I would like to know:

What budget has your Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner set aside for the costs associated with commissioning Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) servies? This might inclide staff costs, legal costs, cost of market engagement events etc. Please supply the answer as total budget for the financial year 2018/19.

A further question was asked:

In terms of the costs associated with the commissioning of services do you have a budget for that, or is it absorbed by the PCC?

This has been responded to in the final paragraph of the response link above.