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17 November 2014

Joint Audit Committee 17 November 2014


1. Election of the Chair

2. Election of Vice Chair

3. Declarations of Interest

 To receive any declarations of interest in relation to agenda items.

4. Chair’s Business

5. Minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2014 (including Actions Log)

6. Treasury Management Strategy

i)                 Introduction from DW/AD on the PCC’s Treasury Management Strategy

ii)               Background briefing from CAPITA on considerations with regard to TM Strategies (this would have a training element for those at the meeting new to TM)

iii)              Benchmarking data for D&C (ie the 6 month data that will be available in October)

iv)             Update on markets and other considerations

7. Treasury Management Report Half Year Report

The half year report on Treasury Management including information on investment performance, debt and prudential indicators, is attached.

8. PCC Group Ratios

This report presents the financial ratios for the three year period 2011/12 to 2013/14 are noted for information.

9. Risk Management

The report from the October 2014 JMB has been circulated.

10. Internal Audit Half Year Monitoring Report

11. CIPFA Code of Practice on Managing the Risk of Fraud and Corruption

JAC are asked to consider the report and advise the PCC and the Chief Constable on adoption of the code of practice.

 12. Grant Thornton Progress Report and Annual Audit Letter for the PCC and the Chief Constable.

Item 1

Item 2

13. The Strategic Alliance and Joint Audit Committee Working

14.  Integrity/Ethics

There will be a verbal update on the implementation of the Code of Ethics by the Force and the OPCC.