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Home Secretary praises 101 review

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg’s review of the 101 police non-emergency service in Devon and Cornwall will be used to help improve the system in other parts of the country.

Home Secretary Theresa May has praised the work done by Mr Hogg and his OPCC team and confirmed that the Home Office will urge other forces to consider adapting the review findings and recommendations in their own areas.

In a letter to Mr Hogg, the Home Secretary said “I welcome the work you are leading in this area.”
“Thank you for the positive steps you are taking to address the issues you have identified with 101 call handling in Devon and Cornwall.”
“Recognising and responding to public concerns is exactly why police and crime commissioners are making a real difference.”
Mr Hogg ordered the report this summer after receiving numerous complaints from members of the public about waiting times and the general efficiency of the service.
Although the force initially pointed to high satisfaction rates amongst callers, the OPCC review found that some waiting times were ‘unacceptable’ and urgent action was needed to restore public confidence.  The police have now accepted the report and recommendations made in it.
Mr Hogg’s review team is discussing the review in more detail with Home Office officials.
“I am delighted that the pioneering work we are doing with 101 in Devon and Cornwall could also have a major benefit nationally.” said Mr Hogg. 
“It is pleasing that this is recognised by the Home Secretary.”
“In addition to helping other forces take a look at the efficiency of their own 101 services, we are now keeping a very close eye on the improvements I have demanded in Devon and Cornwall.”
“In the next few months, I expect to see much shorter waiting times, and the Chief Constable assures me that this will be the case.”

Below Tony Hogg talks about the importance of the 101 review.