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Visit to Pathways Disability Centre in Bude

Tony Hogg explains more about his visit to the Pathways Disability Centre in Bude, run by Cornwall County Council.

I met with Loraine Goodwood, the centre manager and enjoyed discussions with some of the service users who were all full of interest and humour and had much to say about their experiences of the local area.

Importantly, from my point of view as police commissioner, they were able to say that, when they are out in the community, they generally feet safe. There are a number of so-called safe places in Bude, but probably not enough. Safe places are usually shops which recognise the challenge of managing disabilities and make their names known as somewhere where people can turn to if they have special needs.

All of those I met had plenty to tell me,  especially Sam who seemed very keen to recount his enjoyment of visiting bars and tasting a variety of alcohol beverages!

The pathways centre is one of those organisations that are so vital in the community. The allow people with disabilities to report any difficulties they experience, in terms of lack of support or rudeness towards them. They are doing a wonderful job and I wish them well.