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Tony Hogg backs National Audit Office criticism of Home Office

Report by public spending watchdog claims Home Office does not have enough information to determine the impact of further police funding cuts

Devon and Cornwall's Police and Crime Commissioner is backing a report from the National Audit Office (NAO) which suggests that the Home Office doesn't have enough information to accurately determine how it can cut police funding without seriously affecting the service.

"This report shows that government funding to policing has been cut by a quarter over the last five years and the Government looks ready to continue those cuts in coming years." said Tony Hogg

"The NAO report shows that these budget cuts are being made without the Government having a clear idea of their impact."

BBC coverage of NAO report

In relation to the Government’s funding formula,  Mr Hogg added:
“The report correctly identifies that the Home Office funding formula should take better account of forces local circumstances. The formula does not recognise added demands on Devon and Cornwall including tourism, rural deprivation and enormity of the force area.”
“The report also highlights that only 61% of our total funding comes from government whereas the national average is 68% - the equivalent of £15m."

"In Devon and Cornwall we have been working hard over the last year to better understand our demand and have a team working on this. Outcomes from this have included our new approach to mental health to try and make the NHS face up to their responsibilities."

Tony Hogg interview