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Tony Hogg launches fair funding campaign

Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner has begun a campaign for fair funding in the fight against crime in the South West.

Tony Hogg is challenging the Government to change the way cash is allocated to police forces across the country.
He says Devon and Cornwall is systematically disadvantaged by a scandalous funding formula that favours big city police forces.
“It is time to make the voice of the South West heard. London based civil servants need to understand the anger of the local population that receives less money for its policing and other important public services from Government. In times of austerity it is vital that we receive our fair share,” said Mr Hogg.
Mr Hogg is calling on South West MPs and key decision makers to back his Fair Funding Campaign, which has received support from the Western Morning News newspaper.  He says the system takes no account of a unique set of demands placed on Devon and Cornwall Police.
The problems Mr Hogg highlights are:
Coping with the largest number of tourists of any force area in the country
The peninsula’s rurality and associated levels of deprivation, particularly in parts of Cornwall, Plymouth and Torbay
High levels of vulnerability resulting from an increasing incidence of mental health issues, an elderly population and low income families
Relatively high levels of violent crime, sexual and public order offences
The longest length of coastline and more than 300 ports and harbours with increased potential for human trafficking, slavery and illegal movement of goods
“Further spending cuts are inevitable over the life of this Parliament and we will continue to be hit harder than other forces if we do not address this now,” said Mr Hogg.