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New figures highlight unfairness in police funding

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has discovered the scale of unfairness in Government funding of Devon and Cornwall Police.

New figures highlight unfairness in police funding

The office has been researching further aspects of the impact of the funding formula and can now reveal the disparity in funding between rural forces and the large metropolitan.

In the most recently published figures the Government provides Devon and Cornwall with £104 per head of population. The figure provided for London (Metropolitan Police) is £226. These figures excludes special grants for which Devon and Cornwall are provided with £1.40 and London with £56.70.

All major metropolitan forces receive significantly more than Devon and Cornwall. Merseyside Police receives £84 more per head than Devon and Cornwall whilst Greater Manchester receive £60 more.

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg said: "These figures demonstrate the in built metropolitan bias of the current formula.   We would not try and suggest that some of these cities don't have significant policing challenges but the funding ignores the challenges we face down here in the south west.

"This discrimination is built into the funding formula. It is exacerbated because the formula takes no account of our tourist influx through the year and particularly over the summer.

“The information that my office researchers have uncovered is scandalous. It is no wonder that policing is so stretched in Devon and Cornwall when Government funding is so unfair."

"I have continually campaigned for a fair deal for Devon and Cornwall across all public services. This research shows just why this campaign must be supported.

“For London policing to receive two and a half times the funding that we receive in the south west is not acceptable.

“I will continue to call on other politicians in Devon and Cornwall to lobby the Home Secretary to achieve a reasonable outcome for the people of Devon and Cornwall."

The Home Office is currently reviewing the funding formula and is expected to launch a short period of consultation in the next few weeks.  Over a thousand people have already signed the PCCs petition demanding fair funding.

You can sign the petition at:

 If you want to request copies of the petition to sign, you can write to the commissioner at:

OPCC, Endeavour House, Pynes Hill, Exeter, EX2 5WH.




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