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OPCC “extremely concerned” regarding Government proposals for police funding

The people of Devon and Cornwall are being discriminated against and need to make their feelings known about the Government’s early proposals for a new police funding formula.

Tony Hogg out on the Fair Funding campaign trail
Tony Hogg out on the Fair Funding campaign trail

Andrew White, chief executive of the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner has expressed deep concern upon the release of the Government’s consultation on reform of police funding earlier today (Thursday).

“We are still analysing the Home Office consultation but we are very concerned that it fails to address any of the disadvantage that we suffer in Devon and Cornwall,” said Mr White.

“At this time, it appears not to take any account of the increased demands faced by rural forces and in our case no account will be taken of the large population increase created by tourists in the summer and across the year.

“The new proposals still appear to maintain a metropolitan bias at the expense of forces like ours.  We will now be analysing the proposals in greater depth and preparing our response to the consultation that will run over the next eight weeks.”

Commenting on what the public can do to assist the campaign for fair funding Mr White said: “At this time I would ask that everybody signs our online petition which can be accessed on the OPCC website.

 “It is far easier for London and other metropolitan police forces to get their voices heard by London based politicians and policy makers. We need to continue to make a lot of noise down here.

 “Over 1,700 have signed the petition to date but we need to make that figure much higher so that the Home Secretary recognises the strength of feeling from local people who are being discriminated against.

 “We will provide the media and public with more analysis of the consultation in the next couple of weeks and ask for more help with getting this important message over to the Home Office.”

Tony Hogg the Police and Crime Commissioner launched his campaign for fair funding about three weeks ago and has enjoyed strong support from local MPs, other politicians and the public.

Earlier this week the OPCC exposed that the basic funding per head of population in Devon and Cornwall at just £104 per head, was two and half times less than that paid to London and almost half of that paid to Merseyside. These comparisons don’t take account of additional top up grants that London receives.

Mr White said: “We will not have another chance to achieve fair funding for at least a decade if this revision fails us.  However, I am confident that if we all pull together that Government will have to sit up and take notice.”

Sign the Fair Funding petition here.