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Tony Hogg launches petition to support Fair Funding Campaign

Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner is asking the public to help him secure more money to protect the front line service.

Tony Hogg launches petition to support Fair Funding Campaign

Tony Hogg began his ‘Fair Funding’ campaign last week to highlight how the force is unfairly treated, compared to others in the UK.  Unique challenges in Devon and Cornwall, such as the impact of millions of summer visitors, are not recognised by the Government, and while it is currently reviewing this formula, Mr Hogg wants to send a timely, and very clear, message from the South West to Home Secretary Theresa May.  
Mr Hogg has now launched an on-line petition and is calling on local people, concerned about the future of their policing, to show their support for the campaign by signing it
“Wherever I go, people talk to me about the importance of the police.” said Mr Hogg
"There are many new challenges facing us, such as cyber crime and child sexual exploitation, and our resources are being stretched to the limit. When you also consider how disadvantaged we are by Government funding, it is time that we stood up and made our voice heard loudly in Whitehall”
“I am delighted that many local MP’s have joined my campaign for Fair Funding, and I also want the public to play a major part in fighting our corner”
“This is something that everyone living in Devon and Cornwall should be concerned about. and I urge people to take the time to go to my website and sign the petition.  I will then deliver it to the Home Secretary in London so that she understands the strength of feeling of the people of Devon and Cornwall."
“If anyone would like to collect more signatures then my office can also provide copies of the petition for you, and anyone you know, to sign. You can contact us directly for more information and help”
Devon and Cornwall residents pay 39% of the local policing bill through the council tax, whereas only 17% of costs are met locally in Merseyside, 22% in Greater Manchester and 27% in London.  This difference adds up to around £12m per year
“This inequality has to stop” said Mr Hogg. “Please join me in this campaign to give Devon and Cornwall Police the resources it needs to keep us all safe”. 

Download hard copies of the petition

You can also contact us directly for help with this campaign and petition:

OPCC                                                                                                                                                                                              EndeavourHouse                                                                                                                                                                                  PynesHill                                                                                                                                                                                Exeter                                                                                                                                                                                                        EX2 5WH


Phone: 01392 225555

    Download our Fair Funding leaflet