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Police Commissioner calls for prison sentences for those who assault police officers

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg is backing calls for automatic prison sentences for anyone who assaults a police officer.

This follows comments made by Devon and Cornwall PC Alice Nicholas who has suffered several assaults while on duty, including being punched and bitten.

Most recently she was chased by a man with a machete who threatened to kill her.  He was the latest to be given only a suspended sentence.

“Our judicial system must do more to protect the police,” said Mr Hogg.

“It needs to send out the strongest possible message that this won’t be tolerated.  Anyone who assaults an officer should be under no illusion that they face an immediate custodial sentence.”

Mr Hogg is calling on the Ministry of Justice to introduce mandatory sentences for people who attack police officers.

“I will be writing to the Home Secretary about this issue,” he added.

“Dedicated officers, who face constant danger, need to know that deterrence is strong and unequivocal.”