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Tony Hogg welcomes drop in recorded crime

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg has welcomed the news that Devon and Cornwall has the third lowest recorded crime rate in England and Wales.

Tony Hogg welcomes drop in recorded crime

Devon and Cornwall has bucked the national trend seeing a reduction of four per cent while nationally crime is up six per cent in the last 12 months.

“After facing unprecedented cuts to police budgets over the last four years it is a true testimony to the dedication of the officers and staff at Devon and Cornwall Police that recorded crime continues to fall,” said Mr Hogg.

"The demands placed on police seem to be increasing all the time, and despite some recent better budget news, we can be under no illiusion about the battles we still face to protect and enhance our local service. We will still have to continue to find efficiencies and ensure that we can invest in areas such as cyber crime and investigation of child sexual expoitation. 

“The force has made significant strides in many priority areas, particularly around how it works with those suffering from mental issues, but it still has work to do in some areas, particularly around violent offending.

“I know that Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer and his management team are working hard in these priority areas.

“At the same time my office will continue its close scrutiny of the 101 which I am adamant will see a significant improvement before I leave this office in May.”