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Tony Hogg calls on businesses to support CCTV pilot

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg is calling on local businesses to support a CCTV pilot project which has launched in two locations today (Tues 8th March).

Nigel Marshall, CCTV System Provider, explaining to Tony Hogg how CCTV is used in Bude
Nigel Marshall, CCTV System Provider, explaining to Tony Hogg how CCTV is used in Bude

Mr Hogg has provided funding and training to help volunteers rejuvenate two CCTV pilots, in Bude and Launceston, and is now calling on those communities to help ensure their long-term future.

“In response to requests from community CCTV projects in Bude and Launceston I wanted to look at ways to provide financial support as the existing cameras and kit were no longer fit for purpose and could not provide images of sufficient quality to be acceptable as evidence in court,” said Mr Hogg.

“We want to see if this cash injection from my office can help set-up sustainable community based CCTV projects, capable in the long term of funding their own capital and running costs.

“This would enable CCTV to play an active role in community service and policing.”

The cost of the pilot is £9,426 to supply five systems, two for Bude and three for Launceston.

The OPCC has also organised the training of volunteers from the CCTV groups meaning the cameras are now monitored on a Friday and Saturday evening in Launceston and Saturday in Bude.

In both towns the local council has agreed to cover the operating and maintenance costs.

What happens next is in the hands of the local community and Mr Hogg is calling on local businesses to get involved to improve the coverage and secure its future.

“This community has told me that CCTV is an important tool for improving community safety and we have reacted by giving them the tools they need to do that,” said Mr Hogg.

“It is now up to the local community, particularly those with businesses in Bude and Launceston, to get on board and make the scheme sustainable and allow it to develop.”

Local business will be asked to help fund additional cameras, the development of more volunteers and to help create a cash reserve to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Ben Rhodes, Chief Executive of Devon and Cornwall Business Council, supports the plan, and said: "Having a safe and enjoyable environment within our town and city centres is vital for the long-term sustainability of such areas. I am pleased to see that the OPCC is taking these issues seriously by supporting local actions aimed at improving safety and security."

Watch our PCCTV coverage below:


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