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Response to changes in officer deployment

In response to requests for comment about changes to police officer deployment in Cornwall a spokeperson for the OPCC today (Thursday 28 July) has repeated the statement given recently to local media organisations.

Response to changes in officer deployment

“How and where the police deploy officers is a matter for local commanders.

“However, PCC Alison Hernandez is keen to know what members of the public feel about the way their communities are policed.

“That is why, as she prepares to produce her first Police and Crime Plan, she is currently undertaking Devon and Cornwall’s biggest ever consultation into policing.

“Alison often hears from people that they want to see more police locally, but she wants to find out if a more visible police presence is what communities want or would they actually prefer the focus to be on the quality of the police response when it is really required.”

To take part in the consultation follow this link: or email for more information.