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St Ives and Hayle to get an additional police constable

Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez has made additional money available to fund an extra police constable post following recent public concern about policing levels in St Ives and Hayle. This is part of a wider review of local policing strength across Devon and Cornwall (IoS).

St Ives and Hayle to get an additional police constable

Two weeks ago Ms Hernandez joined senior police officers at a public meeting to discuss local concerns following the decision to move St Ives police sergeant Mike Friday into an important role in custody.

Deputy Chief Constable Bill Skelly and Superintendent Mark Bolt, the local commander for West Cornwall, attended that meeting at the commissioner’s request and received a petition signed by 4,000 local residents.

Superintendent Mark Bolt said: “We have listened to the concerns of local residents. Whilst we do not feel that maintaining a dedicated sergeant post for St Ives and Hayle is appropriate, we have reflected that policing should be boosted by an additional dedicated constable. 

“I recognise how much the people of St Ives and Hayle have valued the connection with us and the introduction of this additional post will ensure that this is further developed.  In addition, this officer will be able to improve the response to urgent and non-urgent demands within the local area.”

DCC Skelly confirmed that Sgt Friday will personally be involved in an induction programme for the new sector sergeant and new PC so they are fully aware of the key people and issues in the area. 

In addition, there is a commitment that the remaining sector sergeant will meet regularly with local elected representatives so that community issues can be discussed and addressed.

Ms Hernandez feels that this is a good result for the town.

“I am very keen to better connect communities with the police,” she said.

“It was clear that the people of St Ives and Hayle were very unhappy to see Mike Friday go to another role, no matter how important that role is. 

“I felt that there needed to be a response to these concerns, and this is what the police believe is the best way to address crime issues and connectivity within the area.

“I am also pleased that a commitment has been made that the sector sergeant, although no longer based in the town, will meet regularly with elected representatives so that community issues are raised with the police and then dealt with.”

Ms Hernandez has also committed to return to St Ives during the next 12 months to review with local people how the new arrangements are working.