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Attack is a reminder of how we must remain vigilant

The London attack was another stark reminder of the dangers facing our country through random acts of terrorism.

We must work together to defeat terrorism. To do this it is vital that we continue to collect and act upon community intelligence.

My thoughts are very much with all those killed or injured, their families, friends and colleagues.
Once again, I would like to pay tribute to all our emergency services who responded so quickly and effectively to the tragic events in London.

In Devon and Cornwall people should feel reassured that the chief constable and his force are taking appropriate measures, backed with intelligence, to ensure that we remain safe.
There are no specific threats in Devon and Cornwall but we must all stay vigilant and I urge everyone, that if you see anything suspicious, however small it might appear, to report it to the police.

These events serve to demonstrate that the public has a high regard for our emergency services and we can all play a part in helping them.

I have already made an extra £24 million available to the chief constable and he is currently recruiting an extra 100 officers, including armed response officers. This will take our number of officers back up to 3,000. They will be visible on our streets, particularly for high profile events. Response teams stand ready to deal with any incidents.

We must also have the capacity to contribute to national response, should this be needed.