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Commissioner assures public that G7 will not get in the way of ‘business as usual’

Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez has assured communities it’s business as usual for local policing as the World’s most powerful leaders descend on Carbis Bay for the G7 Summit this weekend.

Commissioner assures public that G7 will not get in the way of ‘business as usual’

PCC Alison Hernandez said: “Policing the summit is a logistical challenge and will require considerable resourcing from all areas of the force but over 5,000 additional officers have been brought in to offer public order support and specialist skills from police forces across the UK.

“These officers not only provide capacity and resilience to police the event but also help the Force maintain day-to-day standards of policing and services to communities.

“This is an event for all residents in Cornwall to experience and share, but most of all the public needs to feel safe and protected during such a high-profile event in their community.”

Commissioner Hernandez said that public safety and the protection of life and property remains top priority but urged the public to use the most appropriate way contact the police at what is bound to be a very busy period.

“Plans are in place to manage the potential for heightened demand and call handling provision is a key part of preparations for G7,” she said.

“But sometimes people are confused about what is the best way to contact the police.

“So call 999 when it’s an emergency such as when a crime is in progress, when you some you suspect of committing a crime is nearby, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

“For non-emergency queries or reports it is best to use the police online methods – Webchat (, Report Online ( and Email 101 (”

The police also offer a non-emergency directory - AskNED –( which helps answer the most commonly asked questions. The online service is simple, easy to use and provides you with the information you need. AskNED can be used to ask questions, check who to contact and find out who can help.

Free practical and emotional help and advice for crime victims, whether or not it has been reported to police, is available from the Devon and Cornwall Victim Care Unit on 01392 475900 or via Victim Support 24/7, on 0808 1689 111 or online at