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Commissioner Hernandez announces police priorities

Violence, antisocial behaviour, drugs and road safety are identified as priorities in Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez’s second Police and Crime Plan, to be unveiled today (Friday, November 12).

Commissioner Hernandez announces police priorities

You can read the Police and Crime plan here>

The plan outlines her commitment to continue the journey she set out previously – a vision to create safe, resilient and connected communities.

“This plan is focused on the principles of prevention, partnerships and influence in order to deliver the objectives that communities have told me matter to them,” she said.

“They tell me they want more visible police officers in their community and by April 2023, thanks both to the Government’s national uplift and local contribution through the council tax, we will achieve a cohort of officers in excess of pre-austerity numbers.

“They tell me they want to see more action to tackle drug offences and antisocial behaviour and I am currently working with other PCCs across the south west on a plan to better support communities in the fight against the impact of drugs and drug dealers.

“They tell me they want us to make our roads safer. In 2020, 44 people have been killed and 624 seriously injured on our roads. That’s far too many and through Vision Zero South West we are developing a partnership approach to dealing with the problem – with an ambitious target to reduce those numbers by 50 per cent by 2030.

“And finally, they tell me that violence in their communities is a continuing concern. Our new Serious Violence Prevention Programme, led in partnership with the Chief Constable, will help to drive the earliest possible interventions through teamwork and following the evidence to intervene early.

“As part of this we will actively tackle violence against women and girls, through Safer Streets approaches and by continuing to address the causes and consequences of domestic and sexual violence.”

Commissioner Hernandez also said the plan would drive how she holds the Chief Constable to account on the public’s behalf.

“As we recover from the effects of the pandemic and the long term effects on our community, it has never been more important to place public safety, community confidence and regeneration at the heart of our plans.

“I will focus all of our efforts on them, incorporating the professional judgement of the police and partners, as well as ensuring we meet our national policing commitments.”

In support of the plan, Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer, said: “The Police and Crime Plan is integral to the day-to-day lives of people who live here and visit. It is a mechanism which ensures the public voice is heard when forming policing strategy, but also the operational delivery of services.

“This plan reminds us of the basics of British policing, that we police by consent and work with communities.

“Building resilient communities requires a broad coalition of public, private and third sector agencies to come together and the last few years has shown what can be achieved when there is clear strategic intent; the Police and Crime Plan is part of that strategic intent for the south west.”

The police and crime panel meeting takes place at Council House, Plymouth from 10.30am and will be broadcast online via the website