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Commissioner plans to make Devon and Cornwall the 'safest place in the country'

Crime rates in Devon and Cornwall continue to fall as figures released today (Thursday) by the Office of National Statistics show an annual reduction of 9.2% during 2020.

Commissioner plans to make Devon and Cornwall the 'safest place in the country'

26.5% fewer residential burglaries were recored in 2020

In the week when Alison Hernandez was re-elected as police and crime commissioner – and announced she plans to ‘make us the safest place in the country’ – crime statistics continue to show a downward trend.

There were significant falls in most crime types – particularly victim-based crimes such as residential burglary (-26.5%), theft from a person (-51.4%) and shoplifting (-34%), with a pleasing reduction in violence with injury which was down -12.5%.

An increase in the number of drug offences (+13.3%) and possession of weapons (+12.2%) offences, where an offence is only recorded when a crime is detected or prevented, shows police continued to target criminals that blight communities despite the stresses that the coronavirus pandemic placed on the force.

The figures show the Devon and Cornwall is currently the third safest place in England and Wales with 52.3 crimes per 1,000 of population.

“Crime has continued to fall during my first term of office and I am elated to have been given another three years during which time I want to see us get to number one,” said Commissioner Hernandez.

“I want to work with our communities and the chief constable to become so intolerant of crime and create an environment so hostile to criminals that we stay at number one as well.

“I know that’s ambitious, but I look forward to addressing the community's priorities in my next Police and Crime Plan. As we emerge from the pandemic I am heartened by the resilience that our communities have shown and how well Devon and Cornwall Police has engaged with the public, and I intend to build on this approach over the next three years.”