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Commissioner welcomes police pursuits consultation

Home Office launches consultation on changing the law for police officers in pursuit of criminals

Commissioner welcomes police pursuits consultation

The issues for consultation and potential future action include:

  • considering whether any legislative change should apply only to police pursuits or to police response driving as well
  • whether to revise the various exemptions from certain areas of road traffic legislation to make them clearer and more consistent
  • amending the definitions in the offences of careless and dangerous driving to take account of the training and experience of police drivers
  • making clear that a suspect being pursued is responsible for their own decision to drive dangerously and that blame should not be attached to the pursuing police officer

Police and Crime Commissioner, Alison Hernandez who is the national PCC lead for read safety said: "The Government’s decision to consult on proposals to amend the standards that a police officer is judged against when in pursuit of suspected criminals and responding to emergencies is to be welcomed.

"I am pleased that the Government is listening to matters that affect front-line officers.

“It is right that police officers should have the confidence to pursue suspects and the new measures, if agreed, would give better assurance for officers who have expressed concerns that in applying the same legal test to police officers and the general public alike, they have had to rely on CPS discretion to avoid prosecution, often facing lengthy investigations only to be cleared.

“I am also pleased that the Government plans to introduce comprehensive road safety legislation and I will continue my engagement with Government Departments and policing and road safety partners to ensure the views of Police and Crime Commissioners and the public are fully considered.”

The consultation closes midday 13 August 2018.

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