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Statement regarding inaccurate wolf whistling story

Statement following reports in the media that the Police and Crime Commissioner urged people to call 999 if they were wolf whistled at.

Several articles appeared in national newspapers and their websites on Friday, October 25, which suggested that Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez thought that people should call 999 if they were wolf whistled at.

In fact Alison had suggested that a constituent call 999 in relation to a threat of serious sexual violence.

The constituent had been wolf whistled at previously and journalists conflated the two incidents to create a misleading and sensational headline.

We have contacted the media outlets concerned and suggested that they remove or correct defamatory online articles.

In addition the office has requested corrections and apologies in print titles that carried the inaccurate version of the story.

The articles were based on a feature on the issue by the BBC which can be found here, and which we do not dispute the accuracy of: