Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17 and 2017/18

Public perception survey

It is the police and crime commissioner’s role on behalf of the residents of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, to make sure that the chief constable is delivering a police force that performs well. Part of a police force performing well includes good levels of satisfaction from the public, which is why it’s important that the views of the public are taking into consideration by the police and crime commissioner.

Forming a personal view on how the police are performing can be based on many things like:

  • the types of information and news that the police publish
  • crime figures for an area
  • the number of police officers and volunteers
  • an individual’s personal experience of crime and the police
  • specific issues that an individual thinks are more important than others
  • what other people are saying about crime and the police
  • how much someone pays towards the police in their council tax
  • the types of news and way in which the media report crime and the police
  • fictitious and real-life television programmes and films about the police
  • how our environment looks
  • what politicians and other influential people say about crime and the police
  • how the police respond to large scale emergencies and tragedies
  • how police officers, staff and volunteers behave to other people and conduct themselves
  • whether or not someone from the police works in our family or is our friend

An assessment of the key priority ‘Connecting communities and policing – the Local Policing Promise’ will be carried out through the PCC’s public perception survey. The public perception survey will be conducted in 2017 as an initial baseline, and in 2019 as a final assessment.

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