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I am a victim of antisocial behaviour (ASB). How can I access support?

The Commissioner has commissioned an additional ASB Victim Support Service to support people affected by ASB to cope and recover, investing £200,000 per year for three years from 2022/23. 

To access victim support, please find relevant information at:  

Victim Care Devon and Cornwall 

For information on other sources of support, please see: 

Victim Support is a national charity dedicated to helping anyone affected by crime to cope with and recover from their experience.  If it doesn't have an office in your area, it can point you to local help. 

It also runsMy Support Space, a free, safe, secure and confidential space where you can choose how you want to be supported. Register for My Support Space - it's quick and easy. 

ASB Helpis a charity in England and Wales providing online advice and support to victims of antisocial behaviour. Visit the ASB Help website for guidance about different types of ASB, advice about gathering evidence, and available support systems. 

SupportLineis a confidential service offering emotional support to anyone on any issue by telephone, email and post. SupportLine is particularly aimed at those who are socially isolated, vulnerable, at-risk groups and victims of any form of abuse. 

Helpline: 01708 765200    Email: