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I have reported an ASB matter to police but nothing has been done – What can I do?

Thank you for reporting this ASB incident. If you are continuing to experience ASB, we advise that you make further reports to your Local Authority or Devon and Cornwall Police (Please see the FAQ above on how to report). 

If you have made multiple reports of the ASB and feel that more action is required, you may be eligible to seek an ASB Case Review (formerly called a Community Trigger) which requires the local agencies to review your case and the action taken to date and consider if there is any further action that can be taken. (Please see next FAQ button on how to apply for an ASB Case Review).  

If you are unhappy with how Devon and Cornwall Police or a local authority has handled your case you may also be able to make a formal complaint to that organisation. Details of how to make a complaint against Devon and Cornwall Police can be found on the Devon and Cornwall Police website at How to make a complaint | Devon and Cornwall Police (  Details on how to make a complaint about your local authority can be found on your local authority website.