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What is Antisocial Behaviour?

ASB is defined by the Antisocial Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 as “Conduct that has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to any person”. Most ASB incidents are not recorded as crimes and may therefore not fall under the responsibility of Devon and Cornwall Police.  For instance, issues like noise nuisance, fly tipping, parking issues (non-obstructive), littering etc. should be reported to your Local Authority.  

The Police is responsible for the following incidents:  

  • Begging 
  • Dealing/taking of drugs and drinking alcohol in the street 
  • Gangs and youths drinking in parks 
  • Harassment or intimidation 
  • Hoax calls to emergency services 
  • Misuse of fireworks 
  • Prostitution and indecent behaviour 
  • Vandalism or graffiti 

Further information on how to report ASB can be found at the FAQ below on reporting ASB concerns.