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25 November 2015

Joint Audit Committee 25 November 2015


1.    Declarations of Interest

2.    Chair’s Business

3.    Minutes of the meeting held on 15 June 2015 and 25 September 2015

        (including Actions Log)

The draft minutes are presented for approval.       

4.    Risk Management

i)     Risk Management – The in-quarter update report from the November 2015 Joint Management Board has been circulated for information.

ii)    Strategic Alliance Programme – A copy of the Risk Register is provided for information.

5.    Treasury Management

i)     Treasury Management Report as at 30 September 2015

6.    Governance Items

i)     Budgetary Control The following Group financial health report is presented for information prior to Joint Management Board on the 2 December 2015

ii)    Compliance with the CIPFA Code of Practice on Managing the Risk of Fraud and Corruption – Draft Internal Audit Report from Devon Audit Partnership

iii)   Early Closure of Accounts – A paper to consider recommendations of how to achieve the early closure of the accounts.

7.    External Audit

i)     KPMG briefings:

-       The role of the external auditor;

-       Appointing your external auditor; and

-       Comparison of accounts for D&C Police and Dorset Police

ii)    KPMG Annual Audit Letters 2015/16

8.    Internal Audit

i)     Half year progress report – a verbal update to be provided by the Interim Head of Internal Audit.

ii)    Future arrangements for internal audit and to update on implementation of the Business Case – A paper to update will be provided by the Interim Head of Internal Audit.

iii)   Audit Committee’s Best Practice self assessment – A paper to follow by the Interim Head of Internal Audit.   

9.      Ethics Committee – a verbal update will be provided by the Treasurer

10.    KPMG VFM Review of the Strategic Alliance – an updated copy of the review      including the management responses to recommendations.

11.    AOB