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Key documents

Below are quick links to key documents that are listed in alphabetical order. All files are in PDF format unless otherwise stated. Some documents are not yet available but will be added shortly.

Police and Crime Plan 2017-2020 - Summary - easy read version

PCC commissioning intentions plan 2018-2020

PCC commissioning intentions plan 2017 - 2020

Police and Crime Plan 2015 refresh - short version - easy read version - BSL version


Annual report 2017-18 - Digital version

Annual report 2016-17

Annual report 2015-16 - Easy read version

Annual report 2014-15 - Easy read version

Annual report 2013-14 - Easy read version - BSL version

Annual report 2012-13 - BSL version

Budget report 2018

Business case of the proposed merger

101 review - 101 review - one year on

Capital Strategy

CCTV Strategy

Code of practice for victims of crime

Community remedy

Connect to Protect - connectivity framework 2017-2020

Corporate identity guidelines

Decisions taken by the police and crime commissioner

Devon and Cornwall Police wildlife crime strategy

Estate strategy 2017-2021

Freedom of Information Act publication scheme

Guide to safer roads

Immediate Response Time Data - April to September 2018

Independent evaluation of victim services in Devon and Cornwall 2016 (Author Dr Jacki Tapley, University of Portsmouth)

Medium term financial strategy 2019/20 - 2022/23

Medium term financial strategy 2018-19-2021-22

Medium term financial strategy 2016 - 17 to 2019 - 20 Annual budget 2016 - 17

Medium term financial strategy 2015-16- 2018-19 (summary) 

Medium term financial strategy 2015-16-2018-19 (full version)

The Future Financial Roadmap 2015-16- 2018-19

Medium term financial strategy 2014-15 to 2017-18  (summary)

Medium term financial strategy 2014-15 to 2017-18 (full version)

Ministry of Justice witnesses charter

Needs assessment for victims service

OPCC communication plan

Police and Crime Plan 2014 refresh  - Short versionEasy read version - BSL version - August 2014 quarterly update report - November 2014 quarterly update report

Police and Crime Plan 2015 refresh - short version - easy read version - BSL version - February 2015 quarterly update report - May 2015 quarterly update report - July 2015 quarterly update - October 2015 quarterly update

Policies affecting the operation of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

PCC Statement of Accounts 2014-15

PCC Statement of Accounts 2015-16

PCC’s response to the Report of the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel of 2 February 2018

Precept Notification 2018/19 - Report of the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Panel

Road safety strategy

Report on response times for immediate incidents by Devon and Cornwall Police

Reserves strategy

Safeguarding Policy

Slavery and Human Trafficking compliance statement

Statement on ethics

Table of potential council tax increases 2018

The Governance framework

Victim strategy 2017

Archived Police Authority website

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