Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17 and 2017/18

Performance and delivery

Investment profiles

In order to support delivery of the Police and Crime Plan, the PCC invests in and supports a number of projects across the geography of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

These investment profiles set out the investments made through the commissioning plan and wider projects:





You can find further details about the PCC's plan for commissioning in the annual Commissioning Intentions Plan.

Project case studies 

The PCC has taken forward a number of innovative projects within the OPCC in order to deliver upon the priorities set within the Police and Crime Plan.

The PCC will continue to drive innovation, best practice and seek the optimum use of public sector resources to meet the needs of the communities of Devon and Cornwall.

A section of our case studies can be found below.  If you would like to find out further information about these initiatives please get in touch with the OPCC.


Delivery of the Police and Crime Plan

The Police and Crime Commissioner and OPCC remain committed to delivering 'safe, resilient and connected communities' through the PCC's priorities set within the Police and Crime Plan. Significant progress has been made towards delivering our priorities since the Police and Crime Plan was published in 2017. Continued focus and effort will take place during 2019/20 to deliver the plan to the communities of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Local policing promise - accessible

Local policing promise - responsive

Local policing promise - informative

Local policing promise - supportive

Preventing and deterring crime

Protecting people who are at risk of abuse and those who are vulnerable

Supporting victims and witnesses and helping them get justie

Getting the best out of the police