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The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has the power to commission services and to award grants to organisations or bodies to assist her in delivering the priorities in her Police and Crime Plan.

Important Message to providers of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence service

As you may be aware the Government has recently announced additional funding to tackle issues relating to domestic and sexual abuse and violence to be distributed through the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. You can find further information and details on how to apply for this funding here.


The PCC does this by:

  • Reducing crime and disorder
  • Supporting victims, witnesses as well as other people affected by criminal offences or anti-social behaviour

The PCC works with Local Authorities, the Courts, Prisons, Health, Prosecution and Probation services among others to prioritise and tackle community safety and criminal justice issues in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, and beyond.

To assist her the Office of Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has a small Criminal Justice, Partnerships and Commissioning Team.  The team works, often in partnership with other agencies to enhance or commission projects and services which support the CJS. The term 'Commissioning' is the cycle of assessing need and where identified designing and securing the appropriate service.

Services commissioned/co-commissioned by the PCC include:

  • Victim Care services which includes Restorative Justice services, Sexual Assault Referral Centres, young victims and services for victims of none reported crime. The OPCC also partners with health services in commissioning mental health workers within custody centres and the police control rooms.
  • The PCC provides funding for all the Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and also contributes to the budget of each Youth Offending service across the peninsula.

In October 2014, the Ministry of Justice transferred responsibility for commissioning local victim services in Devon and Cornwall to the Police and Crime Commissioner.  To prepare for this the OPCC commissioning team worked with the University of Portsmouth to develop a victim needs assessment, consulting with victims, partners and service providers to explore what services people wanted and identify gaps in current provision.  A Commissioning Plan was developed and organisations were able to bid to provide the services.

As of April 2015, victims of crime have been supported by a dedicated in-house team and vast network of support agencies. The services offered across Devon and Cornwall include the Victim Care Unit, an in-house department providing advice, referrals to external agencies, signposting and prevention guidance. The Victim Care Network consists of a selection of support organisation across the peninsula. Our funding model aims to build capacity within these smaller organisations and empower victims by giving them a greater choice and tailored service.

In addition the OPCC is working closely with the commissioners of other victim services - namely Local Authorities and national government departments.  The PCC's grant funding and engagement fees supports local services and where opportunities arise the OPCC supports applications to national funding streams to enhance local service provision.

The PCC’s Commissioning Intentions Plan

Commissioning Intentions Plan 2021 - 2022

Commissioning Intentions Plan 2020 -2021

Commissioning Intentions Plan 2019 - 2020

PCC Commissioning Intentions Plan 2018-2020

PCC Commissioning Intentions Plan 2017 - 2020

Commissioning services for victims of crime during the Covid-19 pandemic