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Commissioner launches new website for victims of crime

The Commissioner will join local MPs in Westminster today to launch a new website to help victims of crime within Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Commissioner launches new website for victims of crime

The new website, which is just one doorway to getting help, is aimed at helping victims to access the care and support they need and provides a single route for all victims regardless of whether or not they have reported the crime. MPs today will get the chance to learn how to help those in their constituents who may come forward as victims.

The Commissioner will also be joined by Victim Support who are working in partnership with her office to deliver services to victims in a landmark 10 year contract, the largest contract of this type outside of London.

The new website provides crucial information about victim’s rights and helps them to understand their journey and what will happen in relation to criminal justice, the police and other agencies.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Alison Hernandez, said: “I am determined to make sure that victims reach out, especially those who feel less inclined to report crime, and come through the victim’s website.

“My aim is to ensure that every victim of crime feels able to come forward and access the help and support that they need and are entitled to. I want people to have the confidence that they will be believed and to know what the next steps are in seeking justice.”

The Office partnered with Victim Support in April 2021 and was backed by £3.4million budget for 2022/23 with a budget of £3.42million for 2023/24.

During 2021-22 a total of 41,112 people were supported through this pathway, with over 11,000 more than the previous year being referred to therapeutic services. Victims can range from rape, domestic abuse, sexual offences and burglary.

The website can be found at and advice and support can be made through a 24-hour supportline number 0808 168 91111 or by 24 hour live chat.