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Open and Transparent Quality Mark 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20
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Nicola Allen

Nicola has extensive experience in finance, having worked in this field since leaving full-time education, and has held a number of senior roles within public sector finance. Previously she was the senior assistant county treasurer for Devon County Council and is a qualified accountant and member of CIPFA.

Nicola also has extensive experience of capital programme management and financing, and is currently engaged on work with the Exeter Science Park Company and Skypark.

Salary: £110,160

The financial management code of practice for the police service in England and Wales sets out the responsibilities of the role of the chief finance officer of the PCC:

  1. ensuring that the financial affairs of the PCC are properly administered and that financial regulations are observed and kept up to date;
  2. ensuring regularity, propriety and value for money (VfM) in the use of public funds;
  3. ensuring that the funding required to finance agreed programmes is available from Central Government and Welsh Government funding, precept, other contributions and recharges;
  4. reporting to the PCC, the Police and Crime Panel and to the external auditor any unlawful, or potentially unlawful, expenditure by the PCC or officers of the PCC;
  5. reporting to the PCC, the Police and Crime Panel and to the external auditor when it appears that expenditure is likely to exceed the resources available to meet that expenditure;
  6. advising the PCC on the robustness of the budget and adequacy of financial reserves;
  7. ensuring production of the statements of accounts of the PCC; - ensuring receipt and scrutiny of the statements of accounts of the chief constable and ensuring production of the group accounts;
  8. liaising with the external auditor
  9. advising the PCC on the application of value for money principles by the police force to support the PCC in holding the chief constable to account for efficient and effective financial management; and
  10. advising, in consultation with the chief executive, on the safeguarding of assets, including risk management and insurance.