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13 February 2014

Joint Audit Committee 13 February 2014


1. Declarations of Interest

2. Chairman's Business

3. Future provision of internal audit

Closed for the purposes of FOI - Section 43 (commercial interest)

4. Minutes of the last meeting

5. Risk Management

Closed for the purposes of FOI - Section 43 (commercial interest) 

6. Governance Items

7. Insurance Policies and the Insurance Fund

Report A

Report B

8. Stage 2 Transfer - Draft Documentation for Transfer Agreement

9. Grant Thornton

i) Audit Progress Report

ii) Police Transparency Review -Benchmarking Report

10. Internal Audit Items

i) Joint Internal Audit Plan

Report A

Report B

ii) Draft Internal Audit Charter

Report A

Report B

iii) Internal Audit Activity Update Report

11. HMIC Inspection Programme2014-15

12. Reports from JMB

13. Police and Crime Panel Update 

The following updates will be provided to the meeting:

i) Budget Process Update

ii) Members report on the Police and Crime Panel meeting of 7 February 2014