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Fair Funding consultation sent to Home Office

Devon and Cornwall OPCC has delivered its feedback on the Government's consultation into the police funding formula to the Home Office.

Fair Funding consultation sent to Home Office

On behalf of the people of Devon and Cornwall, Tony Hogg's office has made forceful representation to Theresa May in a bid to get a fair slice of the overall policing budget.

Over the summer Mr Hogg has lead the call for Fair Funding for Devon and Cornwall Police. If the Government's proposals are implemented it could leave Devon and Cornwall facing a cut of £24m in its budget.

This campaign is calling on the Government to recognise and correct the unfairness built into the current funding model in that it fails to reflect the needs of local people and policing because it:

  • Does not reflect the additional demand on policing by being the Force with the highest visitor numbers in England and Wales;
  • Does not reflect the rurality of an area such as Devon and Cornwall and the additional challenges this places on policing;
  • Does not take account of the vulnerability of the local population including the non-crime aspects of police work associated with this.

The office has also identified alternative measures for population, deprivation and bar density which will remove the inequity in the current proposals.

You can read the full document here >