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Fair Funding petition is biggest ever police engagement

Tony Hogg’s campaign for Fair Funding for Devon and Cornwall Police - the largest ever engagement exercise by a police and crime commissioner – culminates today (Tuesday 15 September) when he hands in an 8,569 signature petition to 10 Downing Street.

Fair Funding petition is biggest ever police engagement

The petition, which asks the Government to consider the unique challenges faced by Devon and Cornwall – geographically the largest police force in England and Wales – gives a very public face to Mr Hogg’s feedback into the Home Office consultation on the funding formula.

Mr Hogg will be joined at Downing Street by local MPs Sheryll Murray (South East Cornwall), Kevin Foster (Torbay) and Ben Bradshaw (Exeter).

Should those proposals be implemented, Mr Hogg estimates a funding cut of £24m for Devon and Cornwall – about 13 per cent of its total operating budget.

“We have worked extremely hard to tell the people of Devon and Cornwall about the Government’s consultation into police funding,” said Mr Hogg.

“We have engaged with thousands of people across the peninsula, either through social media or at one of the 12 signing events we have held, to explain how this formula discriminates against Devon and Cornwall and to ask for support.

“To get over 8,000 signatures is a tremendous effort, but it goes much further than that. Like never before this campaign has shown the true value of the role of police and crime commissioner.

“The police force cannot lobby on its own behalf and the public needs a way to be able to express its displeasure about Government cuts so the PCC, as the public’s elected representative is best placed to fulfil that need.

“The petition has also had backing from many police officers and staff and just last week the union Unison presented my office with over 200 signatures it had collected on our behalf. That shows that our message has been getting through.

“Put all that together and it confirms that the public is behind us on this vital issue.”


The petition lead to many positive comments being posted on the OPCC Facebook page. Such as:

Robert Alexander: Shared again, we have to have the right funding for our complicated area. In the south West we have not only a large number of holidaymakers to deal with, but also a number of migrant workers who may be at risk. We also have rural crime' to contend with and also wildlife and countryside issues to deal with. Our police force has a balance to contend with outside of many other forces plans........Please, please support this petition !!

Wendy Mason: Already police cuts are affecting our lives they just don't have the resources any more to do their jobs and many crimes are going unpunished. We must put more money into policing before people start taking the law into their own hands.

Linda Hellyer: I am standing with Devon and Cornwall Police against these cuts to their budget. We are an extremely large rural patch and need a different formula to inner city police services.

Beti Fox: I fully support Devon and Cornwall Police. We need fair funding to ensure our services are protected from further cuts.

Alex Eliadis: Completed! Everyone should take the time to complete this and ensure a strong message is sent supporting our quality constabulary isn't undermined by lack of funding.

Maria Manning: The police deserve respect for the job they do. They deserve to be properly funded.

Jack Phillips: Anything that keeps the police feet on the street is worthwhile

Toni Bett: Signed and approve of all your efforts on our behalf to keep us safe

Eve Jacobs: Signed and made valid point. Just hope someone out there is listening, We have the right to feel safe,

The petition was also supported by people who had a positive experience of the police:

Rhian Higgs: Wonderful support for our family in a heart breaking case

Janet Wesley: Have signed it hope it helps as don’t know if i would have coped without help and support of my local PCSO

And many holidaymakers also chose to support the petition:

Lesley Govier: I live in Dorset so would like this force to be included as well as other forces that I am sure in the same boat.


You can find out more about our Fair Funding campaign here >