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Tony Hogg's disappointment at Home Secretary's statement

Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg says he is ‘deeply disappointed’ that Home Secretary Theresa May has expressed ‘naked partiality’ in a statement about the forthcoming PCC elections on 5 May.

Tony Hogg's disappointment at Home Secretary's statement

In the statement, Mrs May says: “People can vote for a candidate who promises the world but delivers unsafe streets and wasted money. Or they can vote for a Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner who will work with the Government to deliver lower crime and safer communities, all while providing value for money.”

But Mr Hogg feels the statement is divisive.

“I had imagined the Home Secretary was more concerned with the overall performance of PCCs rather than stooping to divisiveness,"  he said.

“What are the public to think? Should they feel unsafe just because they have voted in a Labour, Lib Dem or Independent PCC? Is there any evidence that Conservative PCCs have delivered safer communities than others?” 

“I am proud that the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners works most effectively along cross-party lines. One of my most respected colleagues is Vera Baird QC, Labour PCC of Northumbria. She is deeply committed to her community and the issues of violence against women and girls amongst others.“

Mr Hogg is keen to celebrate the progress made by all PCCs, and feels the Home Secretary’s words are misplaced. 

“I signed an oath of impartiality in November 2012. I have found that party politics has no place in the role of Police Commissioner and I believe the public are like-minded. Preaching a party line is unlikely to be a vote-winner.”